Paraense Pride

Without any doubt, PH Ganso is currently the biggest celebrity in Ananindeua, his hometown, located in the metropolitan region of Belém (PA). He has emerged as one of the biggest revelations in the new generation of Brazilian football players. The number 10 always makes a point of remembering his origins, whether in interviews or after winning games, because he wishes to carry the flag of his home state.

Before becoming a national idol, Henrique, as called in his hometown, was the most loved kid in his neighborhood. He is a prominence since his childhood and his moves were eye catching to all who saw him playing in the W-18 Street, where he lived during that time.

Since he moved to Santos, in 2005, he goes to the city of Ananindeua every December. He visits relatives, has lunch with friends and most importantly, he feels home.



Estado do ParáThe state of Para